How To Shift

Detailed Instructions

Only use microfiber cloths with The SHIFT-65. High-quality microfiber cloths are readily available at any car care store, while decent ones can often be found at department/mega stores such as Target, Walmart or Costco. We recommend using 4-5 separate cloths for cleaning the body and interior, windows, wheels and body polishing.

Body:   The body will require the use of two cloths. Always follow the cleaning (steps 1 and 2) with a clean, dry cloth to polish (step 3). We recommend working a single body panel at a time (steps 1, 2 and 3), then repeating for each panel—always keeping the polishing cloth clean and dry.

Interior:   Thoroughly rinse the cloth used for cleaning the body (steps 1 and 2) to re-use for the interior. Car-care zealots may wish to keep the cleaning cloth for the body separate and use a fifth cloth for the interior.

Windows:   Start with a clean, dry cloth and spray sparingly. To avoid contamination that may cause streaking, we suggest this cloth be washed separately and used for the windows only.

Wheels:   For similar reasons we suggest reserving a separate cloth for the wheels. Brake dust, axle grease and other harsh contaminants may adhere microscopically to the cloth, which could scratch the other surfaces.

Note:  Heavily soiled areas may require a denser coating of spray and additional time to loosen contaminants before wiping. Depending on the condition of your car, you may want to use additional cloths or a small amount of water to rinse the cloth as you wash the body, wheels or interior. A grit guard works well for this and only enough water to cover the grit guard is necessary. Keeping the cloths relatively debris-free will minimize microscopic scratching. Always use a clean, dry cloth for the windows and for polishing.

No car care product can restore a damaged finish. If swirl marks, scratches or stains due to hard water, bird droppings or bug splatter remain, your car may require professional paint restoration. Regular weekly use of The SHIFT-65 will significantly reduce the chances of further damage to your clear coat and will eliminate the need for waxing.

Please follow these modified instructions using only the two cloths included in your test kit.

It’s best to start with a single cloth to clean the windows inside and out. Spray sparingly for windows. Use this same cloth to wash (steps 1 and 2) the body of your car.

Then use the spare dry cloth to bring out the superior shine on the body (step 3). We recommend you work a single panel of the car at a time (steps 1, 2 and 3); then repeat for each panel. Always keep the polishing cloth dry.

Since it will be the cleanest, we recommend using the polishing cloth for your interior and the cloth you used to clean the body for the wheels.