Why Shift

Four Big Advantages, One Revolutionary Car-Care Product



Protect Your Investment

The safe yet powerful cleansers in SHIFT-65 make it a snap to remove nasty stuff like bird droppings, bug splatter and tree sap. Spray, wipe, done! The unique sheeting action in SHIFT-65 means water will now shed off the surface, virtually eliminating the chance of water spots.



Hybrid Wash & Polish in One

Every time you clean your car with the SHIFT-65, you’re also polishing the surface to a mirror-like finish—the kind you see at auto shows. And because the SHIFT-65 contains none of the saturated fats and oils of traditional car wax (which can potentially speed up the oxidation process that causes a car’s paint to fade), you can finally ditch that tedious car wax like you did that old flip-phone you once had.



Time, Money, Water and Hassle

You don’t like wasting things—whether it’s time, money or H2O. That’s why we formulated the SHIFT-65 to be a simple, economical, all-in-one product that lets you quickly clean and protect your car’s surfaces; all while saving, on average, 65 gallons of water or more. This radical new, do-it-yourself, four-in-one solution is ridiculously simple to use, yet powerfully effective in cleaning your car’s body, interior, windows and wheels! Feels good to save, doesn’t it?



Safe for You and the Environment

The SHIFT-65 is VOC-free and made from plant derived ingredients that are 100% safe for you, your family and your car! Its rinse-free, high-concentrate solution saves water, eliminates toxic runoff and uses less plastic too—one bottle for multiple surfaces instead of a four-or-five-bottle cluster of specialty cleaners. Sustain the beauty of your vehicle, your family’s health and the water that gives life to everything we love.

How To Shift

It's Easy to Shift

Step 1. Spray It On
Step 2. Wipe It Off
Step 3. Follow With a Clean Dry to Polish

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Video Demos

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Protective Sheeting Action
Hard To Remove Debris

The Creators

Our Mission

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Our Values


We believe that when life is made easier, life is made better. We strive to improve the quality of life for our customers by offering products that are simple to use and nearly effortless to maintain.


We believe in shaking things up, never settling for the status quo. Through extensive testing and feedback from our customers, we tirelessly search for new ways to exceed expectations and deliver revolutionary solutions.


We believe that good business means everybody wins. Working collaboratively with our customers, vendors and partners, we make sure everyone comes away with the value and sense of satisfaction they deserve.


We believe that our planet is the only one we have, so let’s hang onto it. Our research, packaging and delivery are driven by our commitment to leaving the planet whole for future generations, and our desire to help people feel good about making a difference.


We believe that thoughtful design and quality products can inspire people—not just to take pride in the beauty of their vehicle, but to shift their thinking toward purposes greater than themselves. We lead by example and actively encourage our community to do the same.

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A: Based on various studies, water usage for a car wash ranges from 30 gallons of water for some commercial washes to as much as 100 gallons for home driveway washes—with the average being around 65 gallons. So by using The SHIFT-65™ rinse-free car care, you could save an average of 65 gallons of water per use. If you’ve been washing your car twice a month, that’s over 1,500 gallons of water saved each year—a major shift. With easy at-home maintenance, The SHIFT-65™ means you can say goodbye to commercial car washes, waxes and rinsing your car with a hose!

A: When you consider how much you spend each year going to local car washes and detailers, and paying for professional waxing, it adds up to hundreds of dollars. Even if you prefer to do the cleaning and polishing yourself, you likely spend hundreds on liquid waxes, exterior cleaners, tire spray, glass cleaners, wheel cleaners and more. Just a single, all-in-one 24oz bottle of The SHIFT-65™ is enough for three full washes/polishes. It does the work of multiple products (and more effectively), at a fraction of the cost. In the long run, The SHIFT-65™ is a small investment to protect that very big investment of your car.

A: Traditional car washes use recycled water containing chemical deposits that can scratch and damage your car’s finish. They also use outdated waxes that contain polyunsaturated fats, which may actually speed up the oxidation of your car’s clear coat. Both depreciate the value of your car. (According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the condition of your vehicle’s paint ranks among the top five items that can affect the car’s value.) The SHIFT-65™ washes, protects and shines, safely, with a simple spray-and-wipe process—a whole lot quicker and more efficient than hanging around at the local car wash.

A: Virtually all consumer products have some type of environmental impact. We strive to reduce this impact by guaranteeing the use of only top-quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food-grade ingredients. This makes The SHIFT-65™ significantly kinder and gentler for people, animals and the planet, when compared to traditional car care products.

The SHIFT-65™ is made from plant-derived ingredients. It contains no harsh chemicals or detergents, and is 100% free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and therefor will not cause damage to the organs, skin or nervous system. Casual inhalation, contact with the skin or accidental ingestion during reasonable use is completely safe. As with any household product, use common sense around people with acute sensitivities, young children and pets.

If, during normal use, small amounts of The SHIFT-65™ get introduced into the water supply, it will not pose a hazard to humans, other air-breathing mammals, of aquatic life. However, we endorse only the safe and responsible use of all chemical products and ask that you be mindful of allowing any concentrated product to freely flow into our waterways.

Q: Why should I trust The SHIFT-65™ with my car’s finish ?

A: If you know cars, you know names like Lamborghini, Pagani and McLaren. The people who make and sell these rare, super-expensive cars consider their vehicle’s finish to be an extremely valuable asset, and they don’t mess around with it. By purchasing The SHIFT-65™, you’re getting the same quality and expertise relied upon by leading industry professionals.